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Innovative Negotiation Training for IT & Construction - SNRLAB Leads with AI-Driven Programs

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In the competitive IT and EPC/Construction industries, advanced negotiation skills are essential. SNRLAB, under the leadership of Sungdae Lee, excels in providing innovative negotiation training and consulting. This article explores SNRLAB's unique approach, combining AI technology with practical exercises, to enhance negotiation capabilities in these key industries.

AI-Enhanced Negotiation Training for IT & Construction Professionals:

SNRLAB's distinctive training methodology integrates AI, including a specialized negotiation GPT model, to simulate a variety of industry-specific scenarios. This AI-driven training focuses on practical application, with role-playing exercises that reflect real-world IT and construction challenges. These scenarios range from contract negotiations to complex claims management, making SNRLAB's training crucial for professionals seeking practical negotiation strategies.

Customized Negotiation Programs for IT and Construction Industries:

Recognizing the diverse needs of different organizations, SNRLAB offers tailor-made training solutions. Their programs vary from short-term workshops to comprehensive 140-hour courses, all designed to address the unique challenges of each client. For IT companies dealing with complex contracts and construction firms managing project timelines and costs, SNRLAB's customized training programs are invaluable.

Feedback-Driven Improvement in Negotiation Skills:

A key feature of SNRLAB's training approach is the focus on personalized feedback. This allows participants to identify their strengths and areas for improvement in negotiation. Clients have consistently praised this aspect, noting significant enhancements in their negotiation skills.

Collaborative Approach to Holistic Development:

SNRLAB promotes a collaborative training method, combining both consulting and educational courses. This ensures a holistic development of negotiation skills, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application. This approach is particularly beneficial for IT and EPC/Construction companies where effective negotiation is crucial for success.


Under the visionary leadership of Sungdae Lee, SNRLAB is redefining negotiation training in the IT and Construction sectors. By leveraging AI technology and focusing on real-world applications, SNRLAB is preparing professionals to navigate the complex business landscape. As a leader in negotiation training, SNRLAB offers cutting-edge solutions for professionals aiming to enhance their negotiation skills in these dynamic industries.

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