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SNR Lab conducts extensive research on negotiation and risk management, constantly searching for ways to improve the outcomes of projects through sound negotiation and thorough risk management. We offer negotiation training programs and negotiation consulting on a CEO/executive level as well as various levels of managers to provide the skills needed to strategically negotiate in a corporate environment.



Our Services

Negotiation education 

  • Negotiation training/education programs can equip corporate executives with the appropriate skills to turn risks into opportunities.


  • Programs are composed of Case Studies, Principled Negotiation, Emotion Control, and Cross-Culture Negotiation. Further details of the negotiation training course may be arranged based on the type of project or company.


  • In order to increase long-term negotiation capacity, negotiation training programs are normally divided into three levels: basic, intermediate, and master. This eventually allows the organization to improve as a whole. The specific courses can be developed upon corporate situation.

Negotiation Consulting

  • According to the type of industry, company, or corporate position concerning the matter, we help develop the optimal negotiation strategy for your situation or current project.


  • Consulting sessions involve advice based on negotiation processes, professional terms or strategies related to negotiation, information on effective negotiation methods, and an evaluation of the negotiation capacities of each member of the organization(recently most organizations receiving consulting have been major corporations).


  • Consulting can be carried out side by side with the appropriate negotiation training program for your organization or can be done prior to the training program.


For corporations…

SNR Lab puts together negotiation techniques of leading companies and research from Harvard University’s Program On Negotiation to provide companies and professionals with the most suitable negotiation training/education program for the business.


Negotiation programs are usually 2~10 days long, lasting for approximately 10 days.

We recommend constructing a course of a minimum of 5 days(40 hours) for most employees that engage in negotiation work within your company.


Significant improvement in negotiation can only be achieved when all negotiation-related employees participate in the program and fully understand professional negotiation terms and strategies taught throughout the course. It is hard to reach development in negotiation skills with just short, theory-based programs. Therefore, we recommend the sufficient time for role plays and case studies in the classroom.

When proceeding with a negotiation training program, we provide analysis and high quality negotiation education based on your business content and the needs of your target customers by incorporating negotiation role-play activities to prepare participants for a variety of real life corporate negotiation situations.


We can also include the video analysis after your role plays recorded. According to the length of the program and content of your request, it is also possible to create a one-point-lesson program in which all business negotiation employees can receive specific advice.


​Negotiation programs can also be carried out alongside negotiation consulting. This model can increase the quality-based satisfaction of the program.


It’ll be our mission statement to improve our customers to reach to the world class negotiation teams and individuals.



SNR Lab Founder - Sungdae Lee’s biography


Sungdae Lee founded the SNR Lab in 2013 to improve the levels of studies and researches for Korean companies and individuals targeting world class achievement.

Currently, he is a professor at POSTECH, and has been since 2012. He is teaching negotiation, risk management, project management for graduate students, and professionals working for companies. Before a professor, he was a professional negotiator as well as a commercial directors and contract negotiators at IBM, Oracle and LG Electronics for about 15 years. He has practical experiences at such global companies in addition to pedagogical approaches at Universities.

He has project experiences working with Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction, POSCO, Samsung E&C, POSCO E&C, POSRI, and Taekwang Power Holdings and Public Offices. He trained IBM and LG Electronics (including foreign LG entities in global wide) employees in negotiation skills and contract management skills.

He wrote “How to Make the Perfect Project” and translated the world bestselling negotiation bible “Getting to Yes” into the Korean language.

He studied Korean Law at Yonsei University and Yonsei Graduate School of Public Administration. He completed the courses of Harvard provided Negotiation Classes, such as “Negotiation and Leadership”, “Secrets of Successful Deal-making” and “Difficult Conversation”. He also completed the course of Huthwaite negotiation.

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